Training: Days 6 & 7 & Done

I finished. Finally. It was definitely a long week. But in the end I passed all my tests and am now certifiable. Err, certified. The response I got from work was, “Congratulations, now get to work. Our expectations of you have just doubled.”

The cubicles at work got installed last week, and everything is in complete chaos. It is slowing gaining order but it ticks me off that everyone took everything off my old desk and is now using it like they found it just laying around. Now when I go to take it back there is going to be a big ruckus about how I am stealing it from them. Hmm, I wonder how they got it in the first place…?

The training was awesome, I am pumped I got certified, but coming back to work has been, well lets just say, extremely anticlimactic.

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