Training: Day 1

First day down, only 6 more to go. Today was a mind-filling 14 hours of instruction and lab work. I think I am going to go to my villa and just sleep. I was thinking about getting in some more studying but, I think the border is closed between my brain and the rest of the world right now. I wrote a small novel worth of notes today in class, I am glad I got the 3 subject notpad, or I might run out of paper before this is all said and done :-D.

The place they have us staying in is VERY nice. Its pretty much a one room condo; full kitchen, two stories, living room. And here I was expecting a Holiday Inn room, possibly having to share too. Looks like I was pleasantly surprised.

I just finished my lab, looks like I am right around an 80%, I need to work more on that. But then again, I was answering questions on material we haven’t covered yet. Wednesday is the big test day, I will be ready!!

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