Goodbye Linux on my desktop…for now

Ok, I have had it. I switched back to Windows XP as my full time desktop on my home machine. I have been running Linux (first Debian, then Ubuntu) for that past 5 years. Now, over Christmas break I made WinXP the default boot partition in Grub and thumbed my nose at the penguin. I didn’t come to this end with out help though..

First. Suspend, I am not sure what I am doing wrong here, but I don’t think its just me. Sometimes suspend works, other times it just locks the machine up. But now, when it wakes up the ACPI process freaks out and uses all the processor until I reboot. I have found a few forum posts about the issue but it doesn’t appear to be effecting anyone ‘cept for me of course..

Second. My extremely niche laptop (Dell latitude D810) as an ATI card that refuses to work with the proprietary ATI drivers, so I usually just drop to the open source ati driver. That’s great, except after a recent update the computer can’t even refresh the 2D desktop correctly. I have artifacts and frozen-in-space chunks of windows here and there until I restart the Xserver.

Third. I thought it was quite possibly the most annoying thing in the world when OSX first hit the market that there was a constant quarter second delay when ever you clicked on ANYTHING. I will not tolerate it when it happens with other “modern” operating systems. I am not sure but apparently over that 6 months my system has been steadily slowing down, I thought I only had to put up with that crap from Windows!?

So there it is, I am back to a fresh install of Windows XP SP3. The only time I run the penguin now is on my servers, which is where he will stay…until I cool off. 🙂

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