Beware the WindowXP Dell downgrade!

I couldn’t help but post on this. This really cooked my goose. Imagine if you will a laptop. A fairly new laptop, only a few months old. Then something dire happened to this laptop and you needed to reinstall the operating system. Now this wasn’t any ordinary laptop, nay, it was a Dell Windows XP Downgraded version! Yes! In a world where XP has been discontinued, you can still get it as a ‘downgraded’ operating system, and belay the horror that is Vista.

The reinstall goes according to plan, but wait, did it really? You try to use the serial key you extracted so meticulously before the reinstall, but…it won’t work!! Aghast, you reach for the telephone to call the friendly support technicians at Microsoft, they should be able to remedy this oversight! But imagine your surprise when they tell you that they can not help you and that you must call the manufacturer of the laptop for further assistance. Lo! You savvy up the tech support number for Dell and after only a moments wait on hold you speak to another support technician that promptly tells you that you don’t in fact have a valid XP license but rather a Vista license ONLY! Vile scum! After much baying and arm waving I finally gave in and installed Vista.

…now I just feel all icky

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