The Z Shell

I broke out of my shell the other day and decided to try something new. I have been a bash user for as long as I have been using Linux. It was the default shell and I didn’t see any reason to try anything different. I happened across some posts in a forum about some of the cool stuff you can do it ZSH and I decided to give a try.

After giving the tab completion a shot for a few minutes I was hooked. This shell rocks. The tab completion is way more intelligent and the extended globbing gives me a feature I have been pining for in bash for years, exclusions… Now I can delete, rename, list whatever with a wildcard yet still have the ability to exclude some matches. I have managed to recreate most of my .bashrc in my .zshrc, there are just some not-so-oft used functions that I think I may omit. But ZSH syntax is very (read: identical to BASH) close to BASH so most of my stuff is directly portable. My .zshrc is in the reference section if you want to take a look.

Another reason to pine over zsh (I love this one):
if you are at ~/data/foo/horrible/dir/names and want to go to ~/data/bar/horrible/dir/names, just do:

% pwd
% cd foo bar
% pwd

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