Not even sure what to say..

I park a little ways away from the office where I work because the office parking lot is small and annoying to back out of if all the spots are taken. Its at a church about 200 yards away. I enjoy the walk, except when its raining.

This morning I saw something I thought only happened in sketches that make fun of lazy people. As I was walking out of the parking lot I watched a lady come out of her house, get into her car, drive around the block and into the church parking lot. I was more or less indifferent to this since she would park near the entrance to the church, thereby saving herself roughly ten extra feet of walking if she had just walked directly from her house. Now today, she did the same thing, except this time (since its been beastly hot here) she decided to park in the shade at the back of the parking lot. She had now parked further away than her house was from the church! I laughed and pointed accordingly..

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