Worked in NYC today

Today was the first day that I actually made my way into the city by myself. Ok, so this doesn’t sound too impressive, but it was a big one for me. I only kind of knew where to go and I had really only been there about 4 times before. The ride in was easy, just take the bus to the corner of 49th and Madison, cut east two blocks and there I am.

Coming home was little different. First I had to take the subway, no real problem there. I had my trusty map and about $20 in metro fares so I could mess up alot if I needed. But I didn’t end up needing it. However when I got to the Port Authority station, I was lost. I didn’t know what gate to pick up my bus at! I wandered around for about 30 minutes until I gave in and called someone to find out. Of course they knew exactly where to go, I mean, duhhh!

All in all it wasn’t a bad day. Got some new project coming down the pipe so that makes me happy. Alot of new technology to learn too, so that is always good 🙂

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