I am Legend and Ironman

We watched ‘I am Legend’ last night. It started off alright, but then just got weak and finally caved in to being a cheap run and gun zombie horror flick. The were sincere moments of pondering the actual difference between humans and the infected, but it all got lost at the end. The books original idea was that vampires (the infected) are the norm and humans are becoming only legends. While in the middle there is a brief glimpse that there is some intelligence behind the infected, it all gives way to a bloody finale that leaves you wondering why you just sat there for and hour and a half.

On another movie note, I am headed to Ironman this Friday evening and I have high hopes. I was an Ironman comic fan when I started collecting comics back in 6th grade. Lets just hope its not another ‘Battlefield Earth‘, from what the reviews and box office are saying, I don’t think it will be. 🙂 Here’s for hoping. More after I see it…

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