CMS from scratch and WordPress 2.5

I have been looking for a CMS solution that I can implement to my freelance clients that doesn’t deluge them in options. Most of the people I build website for just need something simple, edit some text and upload a picture or two. Most of the CMS tools out there have so many extra features that even the most experienced web developer gets a headache trying to decipher what they all mean.

I recently found CMS From Scratch. Its recently open sourced and fits what I need perfectly. It gives me a basic content management system, and I can give restricted access to clients for them to update their information. It maybe way too light-weight for any power users that feel features == usability. For those of use that know better, well I fits the bill quite nicely for a light weight CMS.

On a different note, WordPress 2.5 is now in release candidate, and its looking really nice! From everything they have changed they should have just called it WordPress 3.0. The dashboard has totally changed, and they have integrated a sweet gallery manager. I for one can’t wait for the final release, I will be upgrading this site when they do!

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