AutoMySQLbackup & Firefox3

I needed an elegant way to backup all my MySQL databases and I didn’t want to have to make a bunch of little cron jobs to back up each individual DB. After a bit of searching I came across this little gem. AutoMySQLBackup. Its essentially just a wrapper around mysqldump, but it does alot more than that handy MySQL export function. It keeps daily, weekly, and monthly archives of your databases (it even creates the directories too, wow!) Its smart enough to backup every database it finds in an instance too, you only have to specify what databases to NOT backup. The user you assign in the script simply needs SELECT and TABLE LOCK privileges on the databases it will be backing up. Its nice and simply effective, thank you wipe_out for sharing this great script.

Oh, and one last thing, totally off the Database topic. If you haven’t tried beta Firefox 3 yet, go do it now, or if you just want to try it. Even in beta its more stable, and uses a fair bit less memory that its predecessor.

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