Hey, why don’t I have one of those sites?

I always hate it when I go poking around other people’s site. It seems that they have these showcases of all their work and a playground for the mastery of their art. Then I look at my site, and wonder why it seems so shabby. I suppose I have some of my scripts here and some of the configuration files for some stuff I use faily often. So why do I feel like I am being a louse and not making my site as spriced up as it could be? I like to use the quotation “The shoemakers children go barefoot” to explain why I am a programmer and I don’t have a family site, or post more of my code.

Then I start thinking about all the other programmers I have worked with over the years and how few actually even have websites. So I suppose I well ahead of the curve by simply having a website. After I stop looking at those other sites, I have a few minutes to think about how little time I actually have to devote to pimping my own site. Then I just waste some time on Youtube before heading off to bed.

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