Squatters, of the cyber type

I usually just rolled my eyes at this one and passed it off as the internet being a sort of wild-west. Things sort of just happened, and those who could throw around the most weight got what they wanted. I suppose I was successful in staying away from those types for a while, but I should have known that I would get bitten sooner or later. A domain I had been put in charge of renewing went into pending renewal at an unnamed domain registrar. The cost to renew it out of pending was an enormous amount, somewhere in the vicinity of 10 times what it would cost to get it normally at even the most expensive registrar. So I talked to their customer support and found out when it would come out of pending renewal and decided to lay in wait until that time and then quick re-register it.

The time came to re-register the domain and imagine my surprise when I found that some dirty squatter had already purchased the domain and redirected it to their pay-per-click site. The time period wasn’t even over yet!! Now they want an even more enormous amount to purchase it from them. I guess the greasy bastards of the internet don’t matter to you until they get something you want.

I am going to wait for a year and try to re-register the domain, they probably snapped it up since it was a short dot com domain that was originally registered. They probably think they are going to make some quick cash from it. But they won’t get a cent from me, I have already purchased another domain and am redirecting people to the new site via word of mouth.

So if you are considering doing business with either Register.com or enom413.com, do yourself a favor and don’t feed the animals.

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