Using Gmail as a Postfix relay

I have a home server, and I wanted it to be able to communicate with the outside world. Namely I would like it to be able to send me emails during the day, I like my logwatch emails and notifications about SSH attacks are priceless. I got Postfix setup and sending email, but just about every email server on the planet would reject my emails because they came from a dynamic IP and reverse DNS always failed. I use Gmail and I know you can use their SMTP server to send through but I had never set up Postfix or any other MTA to relay through another host that required authentication. Needless to say, it was a tad more difficult than I first anticipated. But after a month of banging my head on it, I found these links, which laid everything out very nicely.

The main article I found that is the easiest too follow:

The above link refers to some configuration options details a little bit more thoroughly in this article:

The only minor discrepancy I found was that the first article was written on a Gentoo machine, and I run Ubuntu, so some of the paths are a little different. The path to for instance was in ‘/usr/lib/ssl/misc/’, but other than that I could follow the tutorial verbatim.

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