Blogday 2007!!

Alright so here it is. My top 5 favorite blogs from around the blogosphere (…great now I have to kick my own ass for saying that…) Here we go:

  1. – The one and only Mark Angeli, or mangeli as I originally got to know him on…but he quickly changed it to mcangeli after a parallel was drawn between his name and man-jelly, which I think embarrassed the he|_|_ out of him. Delusionsofgrandeur originally got its start as a family site for Mark’s budding brood (alliterate much?), but quickly gave way to a raging torrent of sarcasm and useless factoids. I generally stroll by a couple times week.
  2. – Of my guilty online pleasures, this is one of them. I can’t quite pin down what keeps me coming back to this site. It almost like when ever I am in a bad mood I stop by and it makes me realize that there is a whole other dimension of pissy that I haven’t yet tapped into. Is any of it true? Who cares?
  3. ZenHabits – I stumbled across this site a few months ago and I have become a daily subscriber since then. Loads of practical information to get your life in better order. While I believe self-improvement is a journey rather than a destination, this site acts sort of like the fuel to keep me going.
  4. Agile Ajax – I love all things Javascript and Ajax, so this site fills the JS nerd void in me (that and Ajaxian). While more of a tech blog than anything, its more than just a roundup of various external sites. Written by someone in the trenches doing the work, and his findings and opinions.

I know we were supposed to pick 5, but honestly I don’t read anything else that much. So there you have it. Done..

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