Fluffy the dog

A little over a year ago I took up running. Just a little at first, I did a 5K and a 4 mile race, then I gradually moved up to a half marathon. Anyway, I like to run mainly as a stress reliever, I am generally in a better mood when I run the majority of the week. But there is always one thing that bothers the heyall out of me when I run in the mornings or the evenings (which is when I run about 90% of the time). If you are going to let Fluffy the 300 pound Rottweiler frolic and prance with out his leash, please be sure of 3 things;
1. your fence goes all the way around your yard,
2. the fence is a great deal taller than 15 inches and,
3. the fence can withstand roughly the equivalent of a water buffalo hitting it at full stride.

Seriously, nothing turns a relaxing evening jog into a frenzied night-sprint faster than being chased by a snarling drooling monstrosity of a canine that wants nothing more than to make a meal out of my femur.

  1. #1 by mcangeli on August 28, 2007 - 2:36 pm

    Thats why I don’t run…

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