Bug me not

If you haven’t used bugmenot.com you should. I have used it on numerous occasions when I had to register for some site that wanted nothing more than to collect my information for their statistics. I really hate that. There isn’t any benefit to registering, just that they can now track my downloads and activity. The two sites that I am constantly running into with this is nytimes.com and oracle.com.

Do you want to read an article? You need to register to read it on the NYTimes.

Do you want one of the free Oracle software downloads? You need to register.

Seriously, its just a lame attempt at a data collection from a web development department that can ‘t properly implement their own logging. Why in the blazes would you need a username to track my activity, what would it matter if you can associate my name with my downloads? You can collect all that information my my IP, why wast my time making me fill out a frickin-huge (industry term) form that I am probably not going to fill out truthfully anyway, just to download an IDE that I simply want to try out?

Alright, I am done now.

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