Of Gnome and older kernels

I have been encountering a reoccurring problem of my laptop not waking up from sleep, or properly hibernating after my upgrade to Ubuntu 7.04. The last time I checked upgrades were supposed to add new features and improve on old ones, not break stuff that used to work. So in that vein I tried using the older kernel (2.6.17) with the new 7.04, and lo and behold sleep and hibernate magically started working again. I should probably file a bug report, but I need to find a day where my motivation is a little higher.

I also made the move to Gnome from XFCE, I had pleanty of disk space and I wanted to try the default Ubuntu desktop. Well, long story short, I have completely uninstalled XFCE and now am totally on Gnome. There is alot more polish to Gnome and I finally don’t have to translate everything in the forums to ‘Xubuntu talk.’

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