Feisty upgrade

Alright, so I jumped the gun a bit and upgraded to Feisty on the 19th. Yes, the same day they released it. The upgrade went alright, except I was a bit confused as to why I just downloaded 700 or-so Megs of iso then had to turn right around and download an additional 170 Megs during the upgrade. So were there updates in the 7 hours between when I grabbed the torrent and when I decided to actually to the update? Ahh well..

As I expected, the installer wouldn’t touch my proprietary ATI video drivers. So after installing the new 2.6.20 kernel it just “forgot” about installing any video drivers what-so-ever. So rather than doing something intelligent like installing the open source drivers so I can still have a GUI, it just saw the proprietary ones then jumped ship. Then I had to munge around in run level 3 while I tried to figure out what the name of the proprietary ATI drivers package name was. Seriously how hard would it have been to just install the open source driver with the new kernel?

Well, now, after a week with the new release, I am wishing I hadn’t upgraded. Now, my laptop won’t wake up from suspend. The screen just flashes then never comes back. Firefox plugins are broken and even a reinstall from Automatix isn’t fixing it. Ok, so there aren’t THAT many greviences but its enough.

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