So whats new..

Hmm, in short, nothing.. Its really been a very vanilla couple of weeks. I have, however, managed to find some activities that can easily soak up my time.

For starters, its spring time and the wind is picking up! Time to dust off those kites and head for the knolls. I haven’t gotten out yet but there has been some absolutely great wind the last couple of days that makes me wish I had.

I got my bike out for a short ride around the neighborhood, I haven’t had a chance to oil and tune it up so it was creaking, clicking, popping, and skipping gears like crazy. It was still nice to get out on it again, I forget how much I like to ride my bike. With my running all winter it has made it so I won’t have to work as hard to get myself into riding condition. (There’s few things worse than trying to enjoy a ride while feeling like you are suffocating due to being out of shape.)

We have most of the older GeoCaches near our house, so I am going to start packing the family up and expanding our search perimeter a bit.

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