G2p.org + Songbird

I just had friend point out g2p.org to me, its just a wrapper around a more complicated Google search for specific media type. Namely, mp3’s. Its amazing what is just sitting out in the open out there, and Google has indexed all of it, you just have to know how to get it out.

Well, the g2p search will find the media alright, but downloading it can be a pain. Enter, Songbird, its a browser and music player in one. It takes some getting used to, but one of its best features is the ability to browser a webpage and pick out files its supports, and either play them directly or it will give you the option to download them.

I didn’t like Songbird the first time I tried it because I thought it was specifically trying to be just a cross-platform music player, but it isn’t. While it isn’t totally a web browser, it isn’t totally a music player either. IMHO, its a novel, and ingenious mixture of the two.

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