Bad moods

Sometimes I think that bad moods are brought about by circumstance. I wrecked my car, I am getting sued, I got fired. Whatever. But today I am convinced that bad moods can be the result of nothing at all, or a something that isn’t apparent to the one having the bad mood. Take, well, me for example, today I feel like punching kittens. Why? I have abso-fricken-lootely no idea. My run in the morning turned into a walk to the end of the alley, with a twenty minute zone-out at the intersection, followed by a vigorous saunter back to the house.

I can’t concentrate on my code today. Its just a mess of stuff that I don’t want to make sense of.

My server was the unwilling target of a massive brute force attack last night, I just got my logwatch email telling me about all the failed login attempts. Those just bother me. I am going to set up the Brute Force Detection with Advance Policy Firewall from RFXNetworks, hopefully that cuts down the attempts.

I don’t know why it bothers me so much, if they did get access all they would have access to is my music collection and some encrypted backups. Well, I guess they could turn it into a zombie too, that would be bad. I guess it just bothers me that someone else has been banging away at my machine. Kinda like if some johnny were to hit on my wife. I wish I were smarter, I could hit back, but ell-if-I-know how to hackback. I suppose I could take the time to learn but I am too busy being in a bad mood right now..

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