Hobby programming projects..

I started a project about a year ago, I started to make a game. I have only ever developed web based applications, so the idea of having a loop that just, well keeps looping has been difficult to wrap my head around. I had grand ideas, of how it would play and what it would look like. I started coding like a man possessed. I bought a book and almost finished it. Then, my enthusiasm started to wain. I wasn’t making the progress I was in the beginning, I wanted to head in a direction that the book wasn’t going. So I started to wing it…Then I realized how much I really was leaning on the examples from the book. i got frustrated and took a month off, and when I came back to it, none of it seemed to make any sense.

I got the project all setup in SourceForge and I was checking things in and out of SVN there as I worked, but I felt like I was swimming upstream. I never seemed to make any progress. So tonight as I stared at my editor with some of the base classes open in front of me. I thought, should I just give up all together? What ever happened to those dreams of making this the coolest open source game out there? Its seems sad that for all my excitement at the beginning, it takes herculean effort to just open my editor at home and sift through all my old work.

So is this where its going to end…?

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