New life for the GPS

Hrm, I see that I haven’t written anything in a while so I thought I had at least say something to update my main page lest I lose my precious Google ranking.

I have found a new use for my GPS unit I got for my birthday. Originally I got it because I enjoy GeoCaching, but once I found all the cache’s in my area, I stopped having alot of use for it. I got a belt clip for Christmas for it, and I have been wondering what I can use the GPS for with its new-fandangled belt clip. Then I got an idea. I would attach it to my belt while I ran so I could get more accurate distance and time readings. So this morning, I set out with GPS and water bottle secured to my FuelBelt and went on a run. I had to resist the urge to jump on moving cars and swing from roof tops as my new utility belt made me feel like Bat-Man. All I needed were some batrangs and grappling hooks. I am glad my wife didn’t see me or else she would probably still be making fun of me.. 🙁

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