US Plans permanent moon base

There are a wide variety of opinions on this one. I am of the camp that says, “Its about time we went back to the moon! And why not create a permanent presence there too?” I have had debates with a few other people on why we shouldn’t be spending money on the space program, when there are programs out there like education or preservation that we could be throwing the money at. Well, unfortunately there are problems out there, but there will ALWAYS be problems out there. In all reality, it won’t matter how much money we dump into it, there will still ALWAYS be problems out there.

I say go for it, maybe they can get some of their funding from the bloated defense budget. And while we are on the subject, why are these people even bothering to whine about NASA’s budget, when the defense budget is roughly 28 times larger? ($401.7 billion compared to $14 billion) For every dollar the government spends on NASA it spends: $21 on defense and $30 on Social Security for example. This list, (from: really put NASA’s budget into perspective for me:

  • Microsoft’s corporate revenues in 1998 were roughly the same as NASA’s budget that year.
  • NASA’s budget is roughly the same size as the budgets of each of the following states: Alabama, Connecticut, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri and Tennessee.
  • The federal government spends over 30 times as much money on Social Security as it does on NASA.
  • Americans spent over 19 times as much at restaurants in 1997 as the federal government spent on NASA that year.
  • NASA’s budget represents approximately 0.2% of U.S. Gross Domestic Product.

While the source is not authoritative, it uses budget numbers publicly available. If NASA can go to the moon on its budget, then I say again, why not?

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