If I had a penny..

If I had a penny for every time I blogged about how long its been since I last posted…I still wouldn’t have any idea how much money I have. Alright, lets see, whats been going on?

I ran in a 5K this past Sunday, I beat a PR at 27:03! Now, before you start with the “You probably would have to draw line to see if I was moving”, or “Its nice to see you choose a pacing partner in your own species, that sloth was leaving in its dust” jokes, this was my first time out!! I did have a good time too, and I never once cursed under my breath at the stupidity of my decision to do the race.

My oldest son had a birthday. We had about 10 little kids in our humble home for about two hours. The house and the parents withstood the onslaught but the grandparents went home a little early with the look of utter exhaustion in their eyes.

The brace came off my wrist! Yay! After attempting to remove my brain through a small incision in my wrist, the doctor decided to just remove the cyst he was originally going after. After two weeks of not being able to move my wrist, I am getting a first hand experience of how weak I can get if I don’t use something.

Most other people blog about really interesting stuff, like their latest technology endeavor or deep thoughts on some classical book they have been researching. Maybe I need to start doing more interesting stuff..

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