Programmers and messy code

Alright, I usually don’t rant but I have to get this one off my chest. I have been rewriting a fair amount of a coworkers code this past week because it sloppy, inefficient and unfortunately works well enough to pass off as acceptable. The problem is that I can’t accept it. For starters I will most likely have to maintain it. Second, since I am the only interface programmer if something goes wrong and an error is thrown I am the first one they look at. So in turn I get to rummage through his code, clean it up, make it actually work the way it is supposed to the n put it back out there.

This whole process can take a couple of days and during that time there are usually updates to the files I am attempting to update. Then I get to try and merge the changes from the old code to the new code. I am making progress but its slow going.

If you haven’t read the Mythical Man Month, do it right now. No programming problem was ever solved by throwing more programmers at it. The same goes for small portions of a larger program, let one person do it so they can be the central repository for how something is going to work. If you put more than one and they don’t see eye to eye, there is going to be problems.

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