Holy IP changes Verizon!!!

[10:02 AM]:grep SUCCESS /var/log/zedynip/200607??_ze-ip.log | wc
190 2222 21846

Verizon has changed my external IP address 190 times since the beginning of July!!! 190 times!! And its only the 21st, there are pleanty of more days coming for them to change my ip. Its not wonder that my ZoneEdit update script can’t keep up. I have it cron’d out to run every 30 minutes, and on some days it found a new external IP EVERY TIME IT RAN! 190 changes in 20 equates to be about a new IP every 2.5 hours. Doesn’t their DHCP server have anything better to do than pick on (semi) helpless little (or not so little) computer geeks like me??

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