Support Wasteland 2 and gaming on Linux

Bryan Fargo and inXile Entertainment have just released Wasteland 2 the successor to the highly addicting Wasteland. I burned a large portion of my youth playing.. and re-playing Wasteland a looong time ago. Head over to and buy yourself a copy. You will not only get a great turn-based game, but you’ll be supporting gaming on Linux. InXile was gracious enough to do the extra work to port their game to Linux as well. This deserves your support, don’t crack this game, buy it and show that there is life in Linux gaming.

While you’re at it, get a copy of Shadowrun Returns as well, another great turn-based game that was ported to Linux from the beginning. I’ve played through it as well. Not as solid as Wasteland 2, but still better than most games.

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