Javascript is not Java!

The title on this one is a little misleading. Its pretty obvious that this is true if you do any programming. But what I am talking about is the issue of object inheritace in Javascript as opposed to Java. I think Javascript is a bit TOO flexible when it comes to this as I have been reading all morning on different implimentations on how OOJS “should” be done, none of which are making alot of sense and non of which really appeal to me. I suppose this could be a direct offshoot of hacking at Java too long, but JS object notation is just weird.

On to the world of CSS now. I have decided that the rest of my web work will be in XHTML 1.1. I have been creating some pages in it for the last couple of weeks and I have decided that I really like it. I leaned when HTML was at version 2.0, so it has been difficult moving away from the table mindset. I remember learning CSS in 99 and it just seemed like a totally foriegn concept. For the longest time it kept feeling like a foreign concept, but it is getting better. People like Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman have gone a long way to getting me to where I need to be so I can develop better with pure CSS.

This is quite a departure from my previous post, but I had an amazing feeling today as I started to lay down some code and realized that I wasn’t using any tables and my HTML was actually validating with the XML parser. There was my child-like freedom moment for the year, now back to the grind..

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