Buying windows

If you have every had any experience with buying new windows you will probably know what I am talking about here. We had a guy over to the house the other night and he gave us his whole song and dance about why we should buy his company’s windows. It was all well and good until he showed us the estimate for doing the windows and the install. Needless to say from the build-up, the estimate was _WAY_ higher than we were estimating. Like, in the twelve-thousand-too-high range. It wasn’t a trivial amount.

After aspirating an icecube and mumbling about pink elephants and corduroy pants for a few seconds I regained my composure. I politely told him that his estimate was downright insulting and to wait in the living room whilst I go upstairs to get the dueling pistols. He countered with his savvy sales-men like tactics of juggling bowling pins and snappy rhetoric about long since dead politicians. Not to be outdone, I rebutted with sheer brute logic and a mastery of the english language not seen since rainman. Baffled by my mumbling and inability to look up from the floor, the sales men countered with the most devious weapon in his arsenal, he lowered the price by one thousand dollars! Sweet buttered molasses! I was stunned! A thousand from way too much equals……carry the three…divide by pi..STILL too much damn money! Then he countered with the montly payments spread out the next 70 years. I had to admit the monthly payments weren’t bad if you looked at it in that light, but I didn’t think my sons children would much appreciate inheriting debit incurred by their grandfather over a house they’ve never seen.

I think it goes without saying that we didn’t buy any windows from the guy. In fact, we didn’t buy windows from anyone. After turning over all the couch cushions it turned out that we were far poorer than first anticipated.

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