Identity Theft

So it happened. You never think it is going to happen to you, then you get an ominous phone call or that letter in the mail and it begins. Someone weaseled into you life just enough to find out the details required to take out a credit card, or pretend to be you at a retailer and use your store card. Someone with out an ounce of morality that deserves to burn in the darkest pits of hell turns your life upside down just to get a TV, some clothes, luggage.. whatever they can get their little hands on. There aren’t words strong enough to to convey the feelings of violation and anger after this happens. I am going through it now, so I can say with certainty this is how someone in this situation feels.

I decide that rather than just bottling up my anger I would document everything I did to redeem my credit and stop the calls and letters from lenders. Hopefully this will help someone else and provide a vent for my frustration. This will sort of be an organic page as I am still dealing with this, so bear with me as I am still trying to figure out how to proceed.

First, the second you think you are the victim of identity theft you NEED to put a fraud alert on your credit account. This will require a credit issuing agency to call a number you specify before granting credit. You specify this number when you put the fraud alert on. Go to these three links NOW and fill out the 90 day fraud alert, it will slam the gate on anyone trying to take out another credit card with your information.

or call (888) 397-3742.

or call (800) 525-6285.

or call (800) 680-7289.

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